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  • What is the hair laser treatment? Who can use it?
    This is a treatment that help obtaining more strengthened, thickener and healthier hair, it also fights hair loss and promotes new hair stalks in the areas you’ve been losing hair for more tan 3 years.
  • How often do I need to apply The Cosmetic Republic laser hair treatment?
    This is a treatment that helps obtaining more strengthened, thickener and healthier hair. It also fights hair loss and promotes new hair stalks in the areas you have been losing hair for less than 3 years.
  • Will I obtain the same results with the home care treatment and the professional treatment?
    Yes you will. The results are the same in the long run. The professional version however is restricted to specialised centers. We have created both versions so depending on your preferences you have the choice between having treatment done by a professional or a do-it-yourself home version.
  • How long will it take before I see changes with my hair?
    Although some users begin to see the first results after 7-8 weeks of use, the majority of the people take between 10 to 14 weeks.
  • If I want to see faster results, can I increase the use of the treatment's application?
    No, applying the treatment more frequently has not been shown to increase desired results.
  • Can people of all ages benefit from the treatment?
    If you are under 18, we recommend you consult with a physician before.
  • Does hair need to be clean before beginning the treatment?
    We recommend you start treatments on a clean scalp so that the treatment can effectively penetrate scalp and reach cells. Oil, dandruff and other dirt can hinder its effectiveness.
  • How long will I need to continue The Cosmetic Republic laser hair treatment?
    As any other treatment, the laser hair treatment is an ongoing process. Therefore, to keep seeing positive benefits it is necessary that you keep using it on a consistent basis, just as you wash your teeth or moisture your skin. You can miss a day every now and then, but if you do not follow the indications, there is a strong possibility that you will not see desirable results or you will go back to where you were before starting The Cosmetic Republic hair loss treatment.
  • When can I expect to start seeing results?
    According to our experience, 47% of users will experience positive results after 7-8 weeks of treatment. Another 43% will see benefits from weeks 10-14. The remaining 10% of users will begin to see subtle improvements, if any, after 15 weeks.
  • Does it work on the entire head or only on the back?
    The Cosmetic Republic hair loss treatment may improve the appearance of the entire head: back, front, top and sides.
  • I am just starting to notice my hair beginning to thin, is it too soon to start having The Cosmetic Republic hair loss treatment?
    It is actually never too soon to start. The better the initial condition of your hair is, the better your results can be.
  • Does The Cosmetic Republic hair loss treatment work for men and women as well?
    Yes it does.
  • Can I use The Cosmetic Republic hair loss treatment if I have already had transplant surgery?
    This practice is encouraged by an increasing amount of hair transplant surgeons all over the world. It has been shown to decrease the recovery time in hair transplant patients, and also to increase the look of the transplanted hairs making them appear thicker, fuller, and healthier.
  • What is the guarantee of the laser unit?
    2 years.
  • What do I do if my laser unit stops working?
    The guarantee protects against factory defects and workmanship errors. If your unit has stopped functioning within this time period, please contact us (or the distributor to whom you bought the unit) so that our technical staff can assist you with your guarantee return.
  • What if my unit has stopped working and I am out of the specified guarantee time?
    In the rare event that your unit stops working, please contact us (or the distributor to who you bought the unit) to arrange its return. Upon inspection of the unit we will quote you the price to repair and/or replace it. The guarantee does not cover the transport costs, which you will have to bear.
  • Is it a safe treatment?
    The Cosmetic Republic hair loss treatment complies with the international laser product safety standards. The laser unit provides a power level of light energy that is safe, harmless and effective.
  • What about visual safety?
    The Cosmetic Republic laser has been specially designed using low power requirements for maximum attention to visual safety.
  • Can The Cosmetic Republic hair laser treatment affect my hair in a negative way?
    Our hair laser treatment is made to promote a healthier hair. No negative effects were reported in our studies.
  • Can I combine The Cosmetic Republic laser with other products? Will I obtain the same results?
    The SAF100 PRO™ concentrate has been specially developed to enhance the power of our laser unit. The Cosmetic Republic will bear no liability of the results if you combine The Cosmetic Republic unit along with other hair loss concentrates or vice versa.
  • Can I combine the laser treatment with The Cosmetic Republic Keratin Fibers to cover my bald sport and the hair loss areas?
    Yes, you can. The Keratin Fibers will cover the thin hair areas while the laser treatment will start working. Be careful to always clean your hair before using the laser treatment.
  • What is Keratin made of?
    Keratin fibers are made of natural Keratin protein, the same as your hair. They are charged with a certain level of electrostatic energy so they intertwine with thinning hairs thanks to a magnetic attraction. Keratin does not contain harmful chemicals or additives.
  • Does Keratin affect in some way hair growth?
    No, Keratin microfibers can neither help nor interfere with normal hair growth.
  • Can I combine Keratin with the use of a hair loss treatment?
    Recommended by doctors from all over the world, Keratin is compatible with any hair loss treatment such as The Cosmetic Republic hair laser treatment with microtechnology.
  • How do I use Keratin if I have highlights or salt & pepper hair?
    Keratin is available in 10 different colours that can be easily combined to match any hair colour, even highlighted or salt & pepper hair. In such cases, apply base colour first and afterwards the secondary colour. A perfect and very natural result. For men and women. What if I get Keratin microfibers on my pillow or clothes? The fibers are 100% natural, colourfast, and can't run or stain. If fibers fall on any surface, just dust them right off with your hand and they will simply disappear.
  • Does the type of hair matter to get a better result?
    No, Keratin applies equally on short or long, straight or curly, dyed or natural hair.
  • Does it have any side effects?
    No, Keratin does not have any side effects.
  • Is it necessary to use the Mistfiberhold spray?
    Yes, the Mistfiberhold spray fixes fibers with a natural look, protecting them from wind, rain and sudden moves. Mist is enriched with B, E & H vitamins, horse chestnut extract, Omega 3 & 6 essential acids that protect and nourish the hair. Mist is also an excellent alternative to regular hair sprays for thin weak hairs.
  • Is there any requirement for the application of Keratin?
    In order to be able to apply Keratin, the area to cover must have a minimum number of existing hairs to allow fibers to intertwine. Keratinfibers cannot cover completely bald areas. Also remember that Keratin is to be applied on dry hair.
  • How many applications does Keratin and Mist have?
    Keratin comes in three formats: 2,5 grs for 8 applications, 12,5 grs for 40 applications and 25 grs for 80 applications. Mist also comes in two sizes: 60 ml and 160 ml equalling the number of applications respectively.
  • Can I apply Keratin on my own?
    Yes, without any doubt. Its application is very easy and convenient.
  • Can I use it every day?
    Yes, Keratin is specifically designed for its daily use. Its application is very easy. It will not take more than a few seconds.
  • How do you remove the product?
    Mist and Keratin are removed with water during the shower without being noticed.
  • Will others be able to see I have Keratin on my hair?
    No, Keratin is completely invisible. If you happen to see it, it means you have either applied too much or too little product. You should correct it until you don't notice it anymore. When properly applied, nobody should notice it, even from a few cms distance.
  • What if I sweat?
    Absolutely no problem. The fibers are intertwined with your own hair. Keratin does not stain, run or smear.
  • What if I wear a hat?
    As long as you have applied the Mistfiberhold spray after the Keratinfibers, you can put a helmet or a hat without having to worry about the fibers, they won't be affected.
  • What if I sleep with Keratin on my hair?
    Some fibers may (or may not) fall on the pillow while you sleep. In such case, you just have to shake the few fibers out of the pillow and they will simply disappear. Can I combine the use of Keratinfibers along with other products of The Cosmetic Republic? If you are using Keratin, maybe you want to consider a hair loss treatment as well. We recommend the use of our laser hair loss treatment to fight hair loss, and our dermocosmetic line for the daily care of your hair as a complement.
  • What is Root Concealer made of?
    It is made of natural pigments to give your roots a natural appearance, similar to natural hair.
  • Is Root Concealer travel size?
    Yes, it is travel size as each can contains 75ml of product. You can carry 100ml in a plane hand luggage.
  • Can I combine Roots Concealer with the use of a hair laser treatment?
    Recommended by hair experts around the world, Root Concealer is compatible with any hair laser treatment such as hair laser treatment from The Cosmetic Republic.
  • Can I use Roots Concealer to cover roots that are darker than my dyed hair colour?
    The Cosmetic Republic does not recommend to use Root Concealer on roots that are darker than the dyed hair colour (example: dyed colour is blond and roots are black), since in these cases the results will not be so optimal.
  • Does Roots Concealer stain clothes or bed sheets?
    Root Concealer has been carefully designed to stay on your hair until your next shampoo. It does not stain clothes or bed sheets.
  • What do I do if it goes on my skin?
    Simply clean the area using a moist cloth. It will come off easily.
  • How many applications a Root Concealer has?
    Each can have approximately 70 applications. However the number of applications will depend on the size of the area to be covered.
  • How do you remove the product?
    Root Concealer is easy to remove. Just shampoo it and it will come off.
  • Will others be able to see I have Root Concealer on my hair?
    No, Root Concealer is completely invisible. If you happen to see it, it means you have either applied too much or too little product. You should correct it until you do not notice it anymore. When applied, nobody should notice it, even from a few centimetres distance.
  • Does Root Concealer come off if I sweat?
    Root Concealer does not come off with either sweat or rain. There’s nothing to worry about!
  • Can I apply Root Concealer on my own?
    Yes, without any doubt. The product has been designed to be applied by your own at home or at any other desired place.
  • What are the main characteristics of The Cosmetic Republic’s products?
    Our experts have developed a hair care specialised product line to make you feel more attractive and confident, with specific solutions targeting thin weak looking hair. The Cosmetic Republic’s line is enriched in key ingredient to fight such issues, carefully choosing each ingredient to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Why using technology and nature?
    At The Cosmetic Republic we managed to mix technology and nature to come up with a next generation of products. This unique fusion makes our products more efficient than any other in the market.
  • Does The Cosmetic Republic’s products contain parabens or sulphates?
    No, they don’t. Our hair care dermocosmetic product line is paraben and sulphate free. Our products are made from natural ingredients and active principles that respect scalp's natural balance and provide an appearance of volume & strength to the hair.
  • Can these products grease or dirty my hair?
    No, none of the products from The Cosmetic Republic will grease or dirty your hair.
  • Can your products be used for any hair type?
    Yes, our products suit all kind of hair types since we have different versions adapted to dry, oily, curly or damaged hair, just to mention a few examples.
  • Are The Cosmetic Repulic’s products safe for my color-treated hair?
    Yes, our products cleanse hair without stripping color. Their formula made with no parabens or sulfates guarantee color-safe.
  • Where can I find more information about a specific product?
    You can find more information in our website, where we provide a detailed description of each product. You can access our online shop and just click on the product that you are interested in.