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A head full of hair is possible with Keratin hair fibers in only 3 steps:

  1. On a dry hair, shake Keratin Fibers liberally over the desired areas (sides, front or central areas) until your hair looks thick & full and you don’t see the scalp anymore. Use the Keratin Comb to apply the fibers more precisely sliding it into the hair.
  2. If needed, pat your hair gently to disperse the fibers with the help of the Keratin Comb. You will obtain a perfect and very natural result.
  3. Apply Mist hair spray to fix the fibers and protect them from wind and rain.

Additional tips:
Keratin Fibers is available in 10 different shades that can be easily combined to match any hair color, even highlighted or salt & pepper hair. In such cases, apply base color first and secondary color after.
Keratin Comb is often a must have when using Keratin Fibers, since it will prevent fibers from falling on the forehead. You will use less product in each application, optimizing each use and extending the duration of Keratin hair fibers. This perfecting tool will help you get stylish and an awesome final look.