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Cubre raíces color medio
Cubre raíces color medio Keratin hair building fibers

Keratin Fibers 12,5 gr

Base price 28,09 €
Tax amount 5,90 €
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Sales price 33,99 €
Sales price without tax 28,09 €
Keratin covers a full head of hair in seconds with natural keratin fibers. Long lasting, colorfast and undetectable, it is the secret of millions of people around the world.

These natural fibers are charged with static electricity, so they bond naturally with your existing hairs, creating volume and total coverage with a perfect result all day and night.

Keratin is available in 10 shades matching any hair color no matter your hair type. The fibers intertwine with thinning hairs creating a natural fuller looking hair in seconds. Easy to apply, they resist to wind, sweat and little rain. Compatible with hats or helmets, Keratin does not block your scalp pores. For men and women.

Keratin is available in 3 formats: (number of applications may vary from person to person)
  • Mini: 0,09 oz / 2,5 grs 8 applications approx
  • Travel: 0,44 oz / 12,5 grs 40 applications approx
  • Economy: 0,88 oz / 25 grs 80 applications approx


Wang Resin, Keratin Derivative, Dodecylbenzene, Sulfonic Acid, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Beta-Carotene, 2-Hydroxy-1, Prussian Blue, Dichromium Trioxide, Utramarines.

  1. Shake Keratin on dry hair over the desired areas until you stop seeing the scalp
  2. Use Keratin Comb on your forehead to prevent fibers from falling on your face
  3. Apply Mist hairspray to fix the fibers and protect them from wind and rain