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What is special about it?

Hair is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of the body. It is one of the first tools our body has to externalize that something might not be at 100%. Sometimes these changes are noticeable and sometimes they are just not important. When talking about hair problems such as hair loss or thin weak hair, everything we do in favor of taking care of our hair, a healthy life and a balanced diet it will reverse one way or another in the health and beauty of our hair.

Paraben & Sulphate free

At The Cosmetic Republic we have created a paraben & sulphate free hair care product line, as weak fragile hair needs all our care and attention. Why don’t we use them? Parabens are low cost conservatives extensively used by the cosmetic industry. In fragile weak hairs, they tend to cause irritations, rednesses and in some cases dermatitis and allergic reactions. As for sulphates (sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate), they are used to produce foam. They tend to be aggressive with the skin, dry hair and scalp, besides removing their natural oils. Also, sulphates tend to be abrasive, a negative point for those who are dyed because they drag quickly color away. Thus, paraben and sulphate free products provide more delicate cleaning, ideals for poor hairs in both quality and quantity.


At The Cosmetic Republic laboratories we use microtechnology to create our formulas, meaning we are working to almost a millionth part of a millimeter. On such small scale, atoms and molecules change their behavior and properties, allowing us to create more effective formulations than any other hair product in the market. All in favor of a healthier stronger better looking hair.

Cold pressed

In combination with the microtechnology, we use a cold pressed production process, which allows our products to keep their vitamins and beautifying characteristics at 100%, preventing them from oxidizing. We have thus managed to create a very unique hairline providing the essential care hair needs to be shinier and healthier looking.

Best Active Principles

In order to develop our hair care range of products, we have selected the best ingredients and active principles according to their characteristics. We use natural extracts, A, B E, F and H vitamins, amino acids, keratin microspheres and natural proteins specially selected to obtain a healthier and thicker looking hair.