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Our Keratin Hair Fibers are made of keratin from vegetal origin with a very similar structure to human hair. Hair carries a positive electrical charge, whereas our fibers carry a negative charge. Following the laws of physics, our fibers bond naturally giving a more natural final look using less product in each application. Many brands however label their fibers as “keratin fibers”, but in fact they are made of keratin from wool, cellulose or cotton. What’s wool’s main problem? Both wool and human hair are very similar since wool is sheep’s hair and they both carry positive electrical charges. Therefore, they repeal each other and fibers fall on the scalp instead of bonding with the hair. As for cellulose & cotton, they dye the scalp, run when sweating and obstruct follicles creating itchinesses and pimples.

No dyes

Our fibers are not dyed. They are in their original color. If you happen to take any other hair fibers brand and put it in alcohol and compare, you will notice that our fibers will not loose their color, whereas others probably will. That is why The Cosmetic Republic’s Keratin Hair Fibers provide a more natural look without others noticing it.

The size

The cut and size of our fiber is bigger (0,3-0,5 mm). This facilitates the bond between hair and Keratin Hair Fibers making it more invisible. If the fiber is too small, it tends to fall directly onto the scalp and finds it more difficult to bond with hair. Smaller fibers also tend to block scalp pores preventing follicles to breath naturally (if hair doesn’t breath for a long periods of time, it will fall), with the additional risk of creating irritations.

Fiber weight

Its light weight enables to spread evenly Keratin hair fibers on the hair. When fibers are too heavy, they either need a special applicator like a pump or they tend to fall unevenly onto the scalp in small groups creating lumps on the hair, giving an unnatural final look. Keratin hair fibers fit any hair type and are resistant to sweat, wind and little rain.

Complete your Keratin fiber set

A weak hair does not want regular hair sprays or gels as they are usually made of strong chemicals which may damage hair. Our Mist Hair Spray is enriched with E, B and H vitamins, Horse Chestnut extract and Omega 3 and 6 essential acids, adding the finishing touch to your look. You can also use our Keratin Comb for a perfect front line. Its bristles have been designed to optimize each application around the forehead. Check our exclusive eyebrow version as well with Keratin Brows.