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Real Solutions

We make no fake promises. This is with no doubt the best non invasive treatment for hair loss available in the market. This laser hair treatment stops hair loss, promotes new hairs (in the spots where hair has been lost the 3 previous year) and obtains a stronger, thicker and healthier hair. The treatment has no side effects or risks of any kind. Also,our products are widely used by the medical sector. (There is a list of medical centres for your reference in the Medical Centers section).

Latest generation laser

There are in the market other brands that ensure to provide "lasers" with the same purpose, but it is important to look at the small print. Many brands only sell simple brushes with lights without any therapeutic effect for the hair, using the word "laser" in phrases like "low frequency infrared laser light" that is scientifically meaningless. From The Cosmetic Republic we strongly encourage the consumer to verify the truth of such statements and if necessary seek the advice of a specialist.

Read the results report, performed by medical specialists who verify the effectiveness of laser hair treatment. Click here.

Effective ampoules

The hair laser treatment of The Cosmetic Republic rests over two pillars: the use of the last generation laser unit and the application of the Hair Booster Ampoules SAF100 PRO™, with B,C & E vitamins, hyaluronic acid and keratin microspheres which complement the action of the laser. According to recent medical studies, the laser by itself, in the long term remains halfway in most of the cases. At The Cosmetic Republic we take a step further and utilize latest available technology to achieve the desired results by completing the treatment with the multivitamin concentrate Hair Booster Ampoules SAF100 PRO™.

But what is the Microtechnology is and what it is for?

Microtechnology means we are working to almost a millionth part of a millimetre. On such small scale atoms and molecules change their behaviour and properties, allowing us to create more effective and penetrate deeper in depth. In any case, we must be clear that if we care about the quality of our hair, we have to be constant, because like everything in life, there is no gain without effort. The team of The Cosmetic Republic is at your disposal for any doubts or questions you may have.