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Root Concealer from The Cosmetic Republic uses mineral pigments as a base for their 4 colours: blond, medium, dark and auburn. These mineral pigments are responsible for achieving that natural and perfect finish, avoiding a difference between the tone of the hair and the product. Nobody will notice that you are using it!


Root Concealer has a 180º diffuser that allows a better application of the product, distributing it evenly throughout the area to be covered and preventing it from clumping. In this way a cleaner and more precise application is achieved, and also a smaller amount of product is spent. You can get up to 75 applications!


Day after day our hair is exposed to aggressive substances resulting from pollution, aggressive chemicals or the extreme use of hair straighteners and dryers. As hair experts our duty is to take care of the health of our clients’ hair providing products that help improve their appearance. Therefore, we have developed a product that is free of peroxides and ammonia. In this way we avoid damaging the hair and contribute to its better growth.


With Root Concealer you have nothing to worry about! Thanks to its special formula, we can ensure that once the product is applied, it will not fall off until you wash the hair again. Also, if you are the type of person who uses a motorcycle or bike helmet, exercises or lives in rainy areas, you are more than covered! Once dry, the Root Concealer will not run and will not stain clothes or sheets.